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How KATMA innovates truck trailer interior cleaning


Until now, truck trailers have been cleaned almost exclusively by hand with a high-pressure cleaner. The chemical product used must be applied according to the instructions for use with regard to dosage, temperature and exposure time. Due to high time pressure in the logistics sector and the lack of qualification of the person cleaning, there is high resource consumption of chemicals, water and energy. In addition, non-certified cleaners are often of poor quality, which leads to the spread of germs and chemical residues. At the loading ramp, the cargo area can be checked before loading and the driver may have to go to a car wash to clean the interior again. These detours cost time and therefore a lot of money. In addition, authorities can impose fines of up to €50,000 for violating food hygiene regulations.

KATMA value proposition

Bye Bye High Pressure Cleaner!

The ContainerHygiene developed by KATMA Engineering revolutionizes truck trailer interior cleaning by replacing manual cleaning with a high-pressure cleaner with a significantly faster, fully automated solution. For this purpose, a patented robot moves from a fixed station into the truck trailer and executes a cleaning program with disinfection. The mechanical repetition effect means that cleaning agents are used in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications and resources such as energy and water are sustainably conserved. The license plate is analyzed by a camera to retrieve customer data from the database. A unique web application certifies the completed, automated process and assigns the certificate to the license plate on a logged basis. Freight forwarders can thus easily keep track of their HACCP log and simply show it like a Covid-19 certificate. This process is not only much more sustainable and resource-saving, but also more than twice as fast as manual washing.