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The winners of the MINT.gestalten competition with the founders of KATMA CleanControl



The "Promoting STEM for children and young people!" fund aims to give schoolchildren practical experience in the fields of mathematics, information technology, natural sciences and technology. After all, this is the only way we can get young people excited about these important topics of the future at an early age and prepare them for the professions of tomorrow.

As a company from the Gütersloh district, we also do our part to promote STEM. We provide an annual contribution of €500, which can be used to design diverse and real-life teaching content. These go beyond the regular curriculum and give students practical experience and insights into the working world.

But that's not all: The fund is also used to purchase educational materials that can be used again and again in the classroom or in study groups. In this way, exciting and educational experiences are made possible in the long term and interest in STEM topics is sustainably awakened. This was also the case at the last MINT.gestalten competition, where Lukas and Mattis (pictured above) won the Sustainability Award with their solution for KATMA CleanControl. For this, they designed an automated reporting system for our customers, from which they can monitor their resource savings live.


We are very pleased that our new apprentice will also be taking part in this year's MINT Participation Day on 18.11.2023. Because at KATMA CleanControl it is important to us that our employees are also able to constantly develop themselves further, especially in the MINT areas.

One example of how MINT Fund resources can be used is the "robotics club" at a school in the Gütersloh district. Here, students learn how to program a robot and bring it to life. This not only promotes creativity and logical thinking, but also gives young people valuable insights into the world of technology. The "Renewable Energies" project is also very interesting. Here, students were able to build and install a solar system themselves as part of a classroom project. This not only promotes an understanding of alternative energies, but also gives young people the opportunity to become active and experiment themselves.

Companies can also use more energy-efficient packaging materials to reduce the energy required for shipping. In addition, companies can use intelligent warehouse management techniques to reduce the number of tours, which in turn reduces fuel consumption. Finally, companies can use innovative technologies to optimize their logistics processes and thus reduce energy costs.

But it's not just the students who benefit from this project. The companies that participate also have an advantage. Because by getting involved in the MINT Fund, they can shape the skilled workers of tomorrow at an early stage and attract them to their own companies. We would therefore like to encourage all companies in the Gütersloh district to also participate in the MINT Fund. Because only through a joint effort can we get the next generation excited about MINT topics and ensure a successful future in this field.


All in all, STEM promotion is an important issue that we at KATMA CleanControl are happy to support. Because only in this way can we together inspire and shape the skilled workers of tomorrow for STEM subjects at an early stage. We are proud to be socially involved and to contribute to the promotion of education. We are also pleased to announce that we at KATMA want to inspire children and young people ourselves in the near future with our KATMA-MINT-CLUB, for example, for programming. We work together with experienced mentors in a playful and meaningful way. Participation is of course completely free! Registration will be possible soon. If you can't wait, feel free to apply for a short internship anytime! Feel free to use our contact form, write an email, or just give us a call. We are looking forward to you!