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Our vision

Automated, certified truckload cleaning is designed to raise cleanliness standards in logistics to a new level across the board and conserve resources such as water, energy and time.

We founded KATMA to automate truck bed cleaning and save resources such as water, energy and time.

Our product

KATMA CleanControl, developed by KATMA, innovates truck bed cleaning by replacing manual cleaning with a high-pressure washer with a faster, fully automated solution.


Due to the mechanical process, we can always guarantee the best cleaning results.

No fixed costs

KATMA does not incur any fixed costs. Billing is exclusively per use with our PAY-PER-WASH model.


Thanks to our fully automated process, cargo hold cleaning can not only be planned exactly, but is also more than twice as fast as using a high-pressure cleaner.


Due to the standardized use of water and chemicals incl. reprocessing, the KATMA CleanControl is many times more efficient and sustainable.


Every single wash cycle is automatically logged and certified digitally according to HACCP.

Usable 24/7

Due to the online booking and the self-sufficient use without personnel effort, the cleaning is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Due to the standardized process and our booking system, we can guarantee optimal plannability.

KATMA CleanControl wins garage33 Audience Award

Our culture

We are a young and innovative company from the heart of East Westphalia. From the founder to the working student, everyone is fully integrated into our family-like corporate culture.

Meet us and notice one thing above all: passion for our customers, partners and our solutions. Everyone is 100% committed to Team-KATMA. From the very beginning, our employees are given a lot of responsibility and creative freedom. Our employees can really help determine the company's development with their ideas. A relaxed start-up atmosphere, hybrid working and solid cohesion are a matter of course for us. 

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Our history

Time and again, we observed the laborious manual cleaning of the dirty loading compartments of livestock transporters in rural areas (Rietberg in North Rhine-Westphalia). Due to our employments in the manufacturing industry and the knowledge we acquired with it, we both came up with the idea to develop an automated solution for this regular, inefficient, unpleasant, time-consuming work. As we moved forward, we realized that truck trailers and sea containers around the world were being cleaned manually with pressure washers. Food logistics protocols and guidelines also require tracked certified cleaning of cargo holds.

Personal discussions with logisticians and car wash operators confirmed our initial hypothesis: cleaning is insufficient in most cases and could lead to a negative impact on the goods. Resources such as chemicals, heat and fresh water are dosed at will. This makes for fluctuating cleaning results and wastes precious resources.

The positive feedback from the industry ("The smart closing of a gap") marked the start of the development, design and manufacturing of our first prototype with equity in our garage and a former chicken coop in 2019. Based on further customer feedback, we expanded our innovation to include a digital cleaning certificate issued by the machine and a connected cloud. This finally solves the trust and logging problem in food / logistics hygiene. To date, we build our machine 100% ourselves.

Today, we can proudly say that our KATMA team is highly motivated to take advantage of its opportunities and prove itself in the market with a customer-oriented and reliable pilot series.

Patrick and Felix Kathöfer in a truck trailer