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KATMA CleanControl, developed by KATMA, innovates truck bed cleaning by replacing manual cleaning with a high-pressure washer with a faster, fully automated solution.

To do this, a patented robot moves from a base station into the truck trailer and runs our efficient cleaning program with disinfection. The operator only has to place the vehicle, fix the doors and start the program.


Usable 24/7

Online booking and self-sufficient use without staffing makes cleaning available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


The new standard of trailer cleaning and the many advantages of KATMA attract a large network of carriers and drivers.

No personnel expenses

The cleaning process is booked online and started by the driver himself. From then on, the cleaning is carried out fully automatically. This makes additional personnel superfluous.

Full Service

Thanks to our full-service package, they don't have to worry about chemistry, maintenance or repair. KATMA takes care of all that for you.

Fully automated

Faster, cleaner and certified: KATMA offers all this with the latest technology. It is becoming the new standard in trailer cleaning.

No fixed costs

KATMA does not incur any fixed costs. Billing is exclusively per use with our PAY-PER-WASH model.

WHAT is katma?

KATMA CleanControl revolutionizes truck load compartment cleaning with a fully automated solution. Load compartment cleaning from 3 minutes? This is finally a reality with our fully automated solution! Thanks to full automation, KATMA CleanControl offers truck bed cleaning from €26 per wash. Nevertheless, KATMA offers hygienic cleanliness, developed for the highest requirements: From food transportation, to medical logistics, to the waste disposal industry. With the KATMA CleanControl certification system, you receive a digital cleaning certificate immediately after successful cleaning. KATMA CleanControl not only simplifies logging, but also creates real confidence in cleanliness. In addition, KATMA CleanControl saves up to 75% water, 90% chemicals and 60% energy per cleaning operation compared to a high-pressure cleaner.

The machine

Full Service

Thanks to our "pay-per-wash" model, you don't have to worry about maintenance/servicing, chemical orders, dosing and operation. As a result, you benefit from our FULL-SERVICE REFERENCE . Among other things, we take care of everything:

- Chemistry refill

- Service and maintenance

- Remote maintenance through digital connection

WHO is katma?

If you see a KATMA CleanControl on the side of the road, remember: there's a bit of chicken coop, a pinch of innovation and a whole lot of can-do mentality behind this machine.

If we had to define ourselves in one word, it would be "problem solver". That's why close communication with our customers is so important to us. This is the only way we have been able to respond to so many of our customers' requirements and wishes during development. KATMA CleanControl and its ecosystem, from certification and full service to route-optimized booking, are optimally designed to meet your needs. In order to guarantee this for different industries, we have dealt with all our customer groups in detail.


Frequently asked questions and answers

One, because you can sell the free wash slots on your machine to other users from our network through us. This gives you the option of optimally utilizing your machine.

For forwarding companies with several trucks we develop an individual solution without obligation.

KATMA CleanControl is charged per use (pay-per-wash). Cleaning is possible from €26. The fee depends on the type of cleaning and other factors. At the end of the month, you will receive an invoice that only includes the washings carried out.

The KATMA is interesting for every type and size of forwarding agency and truck service provider (car washes, workshops and service stations). A KATMA is also worthwhile at other accessible locations with a high volume of trucks.

This depends primarily on the location. You can obtain a location analysis without obligation HERE on request.

The full service includes predictive maintenance and chemical replenishment. In this way, we ensure that the KATMA is ready for operation around the clock. The full service is always already included in the Pay-Per-Wash fee.

No, this is not possible. To enable certification after each cleaning, the chemistry and operation of the KATMA must meet precise specifications. 

No, the machine is fully automated and therefore operable by the operator.

You need a truck parking space plus 5m, electricity, water and sewage connections, as well as a ground-sealed WHG area.

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KATMA CleanControl is a member of Transfrigoroute Deutschland e.V., which has been the mouthpiece of temperature-controlled transport logistics for over 60 years. Close dialog and exchange with users has always been the focus of our development. This has enabled us to align the machine 100% with the requirements of our customers.