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24/7 use

KATMA CleanControl can be used around the clock and without staff - in summer and winter.

sale of the cleaning

Regular subcontractors at the warehouse? Then sell washes and thus ensure their transport quality and generate income at the same time.

Cleaning certificate

Each wash is given a certificate, which can be called up at any time. Not only good for your own quality assurance, but you can also request this from suppliers.



The WHG area provides the foundation for a permanently functioning KATMA CleanControl.


From 3 minutes

Thanks to full automation, cargo space cleaning with KATMA CleanControl is possible from 3 minutes . Our intelligent booking system offers optimum planning thanks to pre-booking, license plate recognition and route optimization.

No installation costs - we install the machine at your premises free of charge. From then on, you pay from €26 per wash. As with a fuel card, you will receive a monthly invoice for the number of washes. Full service and just-in-time chemical deliveries are included.

With the KATMA CleanControl certification system, you receive a digital cleaning certificate immediately after successful cleaning. KATMA CleanControl not only simplifies logging, but also creates real confidence in cleanliness.

KATMA CleanControl saves up to 75% water, up to 90% chemicals and up to 60% energy per cleaning operation compared to a high-pressure cleaner.

You don't have to worry about maintenance/servicing, ordering chemicals, dosing and operation. Among other things, we take care of everything:


- Chemistry refill

- Service and maintenance

- Remote maintenance through digital connection

Our pay-per-wash model gives you absolute planning security for all costs. You only pay for the cleaning - everything else is included. As long as you meet the requirements, there are no initial costs.

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Our machine is already being used successfully in abattoirs. This video provides an insight into the process.

We founded KATMA to automate truck bed cleaning and save resources such as water, energy and time.


Frequently asked questions and answers

One, because you can sell the free wash slots on your machine to other users from our network through us. This gives you the option of optimally utilizing your machine.

For forwarding companies with several trucks we develop an individual solution without obligation.

KATMA CleanControl is charged per use (pay-per-wash). Cleaning is possible from €26. The fee depends on the type of cleaning and other factors. At the end of the month, you will receive an invoice that only includes the washings carried out.

The KATMA is interesting for every type and size of forwarding agency and truck service provider (car washes, workshops and service stations). A KATMA is also worthwhile at other accessible locations with a high volume of trucks.

This depends primarily on the location. You can obtain a location analysis without obligation HERE on request.

The full service includes predictive maintenance and chemical replenishment. In this way, we ensure that the KATMA is ready for operation around the clock. The full service is always already included in the Pay-Per-Wash fee.

No, this is not possible. To enable certification after each cleaning, the chemistry and operation of the KATMA must meet precise specifications. 

No, the machine is fully automated and therefore operable by the operator.

You need a truck parking space plus 5m, electricity, water and sewage connections, as well as a ground-sealed WHG area.

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